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super hot bassist in cobra starship
has a myspace and replys back and is the wet dream of many young girls
person 1: omg i met alex suarez he's so nice
person 2: i know right he has a nice ass too
person 3: what are you guys talking about
person 1&2: omg stfu gtfo
jesus: :|
by Rylands left ball March 17, 2008
The bass player in the band Cobra Starship. Also in the band This Is Ivy League. He is a chef too! He is one of the nicest guys, and is great to fans. He actually answers messages and meets with people at shows. Some of his nicknames include, Alex Suave Suarez, and Suavez. He is an all around amazing dude.
"I want to marry Alex Suarez."
"Hey, I learned a new recipe from Alex Suarez today."
by cobralingus September 01, 2009
super duper sexy bassist of cobra starship. smells very nice, replies to messages, and has big....features.
"ikr? the suavez is smells sexy."
"and his hands are huuuge. lol."
by kelsaaaay June 17, 2008
Bassist for the popular New york based band Cobra Starship.
He has also remixed songs by popular bands like All time low and Fall out boy under the name Suave Suarez.
"Have you heard the Suave Suarez remix of ATL's Lost in stereo? It's Awesome!"

"Yeah! it's Kickass! Alex Suarez is so good."
by phoeniix September 03, 2009

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