A guy who is a manwhore, a cheater, and an all out asshole. He also sleeps with any of his girlfriends' sisters, cousins, or step-sisters.

However, for a guy who can be a huge asshole, he grows a conscious when around an innocent girl a.k.a. virgin.
Aleks: I'm so f*cking frustrated right now.

Virgin: What's wrong Aleks?

Aleks: I haven't had sex in two weeks.

Virgin: Well if there's anything I can do let me know...

Aleks: I will not have sex with you!

Virgin: I didn't know I was offering.
by obwait December 13, 2010
The biggest double-faced asshole your EVER going to meet. He may seem sweet to start off, complementing your prettiness, but then he'll cheat on you, use you, and then dump you for a bitch. Do not fall into his trap, or else you'll be one of the million girls he miss-treats. Asshole isn't even the word to describe them. Stay away from them, and then you will have a perfect life. Oh yeah, they dont have a penis. Known to be insanely rich, they will dump you right before christmas so they won't waste their money. He's so rich, therfore hes an asshole.
What an Aleks! You're just wasting your time.
by csnfisknh December 28, 2010
douche bags that like to cheat on girls. They're extremely scrawny, have goo on the sides of their mouths at all times, and weird double chin things. They like to brag about having sex with all these girls (that they've only known for 30 seconds or so) yet how can they have sex when they have teeny weenies? The proof is that they always wear insanely tight (Silver) girl jeans and there is never a bulge. Ever.

They thinks they're cool by drinking passion fruit tea, putting flowers in their hair, putting Buddha beads around their neck, wearing those tight jeans, and the way they stand....yet all of these reasons make people wonder if they're gay.

They're very rich but they only seems to wear jeans with holes in the butt that show their bright orange boxers. People will literally pass them and think they're a girl with a dyke-ish haircut.

If you like small packages, go for an Aleks.
"I can't believe you're dating an Aleks." Girl 1

"What?" - girl 2

"Yeah, people will think you're dating a dyke!" - girl 1

"...." -girl 2

"Oh, and he probably has another girlfriend as well as you." - girl 1
by The Superheroes June 17, 2010
A type of person who is just udderly, completley, DUMB. They have no sense of humor, and make stupid comments about everything. For some odd reason, they have many friends. Probably because they make everyone feel smart. They are hideous. They could make any girl in thier right mind puke. They are total manwhores. They can only get easy chicks. If you like small packages, go for an Aleks.
Girl 1; Oh my god! Is THAT your boyfriend?
Girl 2; uh.. yea.. why?
Girl 1; *smacks girl 2 in the face* HOW COULD YOU? HE'S SUCH AN ALEKS! HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID?!?

Girl 2; Have I not explained this to you? I'm easy!
Girl 1:NOOO!!
by sake(: October 23, 2009
Means Puking Uncontrollably just before jizzing, in both Greek and German.
Girl 1: "It Was Nasty He was Alek everywhere."

Girl 2: "Did You at least Get anything"

Girl 1: "No, He was puking uncontrollably."
by Rawr-lol- February 04, 2010
Aleks is the Cheese that spews from yer Knob after a long hard diagonal thrust. You know that you have made an aleks when you find the remains on your wall and/or girlfriends tits. If not cleaned immediately the aleks will crust and stain. And nobody likes a crusty aleks.
"...And honey... Make sure to clean up your Aleks before you leave for school! No one likes a crusty Aleks!"
"But mom....."
by gloria glovebox August 14, 2006
A dumb fuck . No life, a cheater, small penis, skinny,short brown hair, acne all over his face, ass hole, and a bad boy friend.
my ex boyfriend is a total alek!
by Studmufinn September 29, 2009
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