Ref below, not sure what hunter gathering has to do with this but otherwise fairy accurate, though forgetting the main uk types of bitter,best bitter and the now saddly not so common though slowly reappearing, thankfuly, mild, the newer versions of which are often called dark to avoid conotations with flat caps.Try one you will be surprised!Good lagers are availabe also but they do not come from the major international keg factorys!
Pint of real ale please landlord.
by toymi69 May 29, 2008
one sexy ass little bitch, he eats monopoly and shits out connect four, known to hit it under any condition and stick his nuts in there too cuz theyre his friends
Man, I'm in need of some hott ass, I wish I had a guy like Ale here!
by Ale December 12, 2004
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