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when a woman who is normally quite shy/contained has comsumed a large amount of alcohol at an event and has became whorish in the way she acts.
man - god ur such an alco-hoe

*whilst rubbing mans crotch*

woman - mmmmmmm i know and you like it *laughs* *vomits*
by zasekr May 10, 2008

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The propensity for a woman to become loose with the liberal application of alcohol.
Look at that Alcohoe, she's throwing her name away.
Steve, you still dating Alice? No way dude, that chicks an alcohoe.
I don't like sports bars, full of jocks and alcohoes.
by Philgrae January 16, 2009
A girl who becomes dirty and flirty when they consume any amount of alcohol.
Yeah did you see Jane last night?! She wanted me but I said no to that alcohoe!!
by flubber444 March 08, 2012
A female that when drinking alcohol becomes extremely promiscuous or slutty.
Michael: Did I just see Anna go into that room with Tom?
Sam: That's like the third guy tonight!
Michael: Probably because she's absolutely hammered.
Sam: Damn, what an alcohoe.
by Brose Canseco February 11, 2010