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A female prone to outrageously embarrasing displays of affection whilst under the influence of alcohol. The actions displayed would normally be considered as RAPE if the individual was a guy.
Michael:"Guys, guys..... what the fuck is Harriet doing?"

Patrick:"Oh no....not again....this time its NOT me."

Oscar: "Harriet get the hell off Tristan, and put your molehills away, hes NOT impressed."

Michael,Patrick,Oscar: "Harriet you alchowhore, control your desperation."

by Friedrodent April 05, 2008
Term used to describe a normally tame female who turns into a raging whore once the brew touches her lips.
Josh F: "Hey Jen what did you do last night"
Jen: "I dont remeber...but my butt really hurts"
Josh F & Pals: "ALCHOWHORE!"

Emily is nice, but once she tastes the Milwaukees Best she transforms into a sausage ravaging alchowhore.
by Ryno July 23, 2004