when a girl has semen dripping out of her nose after a male ejaculates in her nostrils.
after sex, mary had to get a paper towel to clean up her albino nosebleed.
by skeeton45 May 28, 2013
Top Definition
During phalacio a man ejaculates up a girls nose, and the semen slowly drips out creating what looks like a white nosebleed.
"This girls crazy, she actually wanted an albino nosebleed."
by Gresham Prehn August 01, 2007
An "albino nosebleed" is a sexual act that is achieved from oral sex. To achieve, firmly place both hands on the back of your partners head 10 to 20 seconds before ejaculation. While ejaculating, continue to apply pressure to back of head and do not release partner until completion. Wallah! Your partner should have seman draining from nasal cavity.
"My old lady tried to tell me the other day to not cum in her mouth! I said fuck it and gave that bitch an albino nosebleed!"
by Spock Spacedock February 18, 2010
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