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1. A mudslide in Alaska.

2. Taking a shit on a midget's chest, preferably the runs, and then fucking the midget. After which, you slide down the midget's chest like a Slip 'N' Slide.
1. "Look, we are in Alaska, and that is a mudslide; therefore, an Alaskan Mudslide."

2. Person 1: "Dude, I just got a Slip 'N' Slide, come over and we can use it.
Person 2: "Nah man, Shyanne is horny so I might as well just go over and give her an Alaskan Mudslide.
by ruffman May 26, 2007
To create an Alaskan Mudslide, you need a ready and willing midget. First, you must take a shit on the midget's chest. After that you have crazy sex with the midget so the fecal matter smears all over its torso. Then, once its body is all lubricated with the shit, you use it as a slip and slide.
Yo, I ain't paying for a slip 'n' slide, my girlfriends a midget and she's down to Alaskan Mudslide.
by sean ruff July 12, 2008
After giving anal sex to your parter, they shit all the poop and jizz all over your face & or chest.
How was that girl lastnight dude? good until she decided to return the favor with an Alaskan Mudslide.
by Mark Dudley May 05, 2011
The act of a male shitting on a females chest followed by smeering the shit all over her torso then facing her toes and hovering over her head while she eats out his anal cavity and the man is titty fuckin her until he cums all over the poop thus making an Alaskan Mudslide.
Anna is a slut she let Mark give her an Alaskan Mudslide while Joey watched.
by mellon juice October 23, 2008
To start the alaskan mudslide, a girl must obtain a large, unbroken piece of shit and then freezes it. Upon completion of freezing, she pulls it out and uses it as a dildo.
I walked in on Marry yesterday giving herself the Alaskan mudslide. Her room smelled completely like shit, but I walked in and finished her off anyways.
by Jeremy.S.6969 April 10, 2008