the most adorible thing ever. too cute for words, if you cant explain how cute something is you call it an alan. if you get called an alan you are amazing and cute. sometimes mispelled by alyn or alyen or allen or alen.
look at that alan.
that cat is so alan.
by limba smith February 13, 2011
1. A name, commonly used for guys; its origins are uncertain, although it is usually associated with awesome people
2. A character from Sesame Street
3. An automobile from Germany
4. A Brazilian footballer
Alan is from Celtic origins and means handsome.
by 0=3 June 30, 2010
"alans" is cockney rhymying slang for what we americans would call "panties."

"alan" is short for "alan whicker"
"alan whickers" rhymes with "knickers"
"knickers" = "a lady's underwear"
all right, all right. keep your alans on.
by A Henry September 01, 2005
my dad, the most sarcastic person ever but hilarious and extremely annoying when he wants to be. also has a pretty good taste in music
he's so sarcastic and somewhat annoying yet im not annoyed with him

dude. he must be Alan
by ayethatone August 06, 2011
Generally described as a prick and a "cock sucker"
Alan is usually depicted as an Asian boy who does not care about the world that he lives in and finds joy in being a complete asshole.
Wow! You are such an Alan!
by iAmGoD December 15, 2014
someone that has deep sexual perversions
- A Pedo is sighted

- ahhh omg theres an alan grab ur kids while u still can
by erin**** May 24, 2008
The act of taking something going good for you in life and messing it up.
You're so close to getting with her, don't alan it.
by Jelter September 23, 2011

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