A person with obvious testicular fortitude. A name for someone who is kind hearted and funny, unless you discuss Doomsday. Smart and obviously handsome, all these words describe someone with the name.
When girls see Alan skate down the ice they scream and throw themselves onto it, just to hope he will notice them.

Wow, you are such an Alan!!!
by mickyd'sisnotwith me January 02, 2011
Top Definition
2. Alan

cool, charming, suave, awesome with the women. a real tough guy. the second definition of alan.
I just played some baseball, and really had an Alan time out there, and was just being a winner.

When you go into the club, just alan it. Be like him. Be cool, act cool, be cool.

Synonyms: tough guy, smart, brilliant, charming, awesome, cool, badass, the king, high and mighty, the chaffeur,the connoisseur, the pimp

Antonyms: anti-cool, loner, misogynistic, pervert, perv, wimp

Related words: tough, cool, wise, charming, the bruiser, the enforcer

Misspellings: allen, allan, allon, alon, alen, elan, alun
by BC Awesome March 23, 2009
a really super fantastic guy.
not much I can say about him because he's just so amazing,
My Alan is amazing
Look there's my boyfriend!
Omg he's THE Alan?
by Mel<3'sHerAlan July 18, 2009
Charming, well-spoken, suave, sophisticated, sexy, funny, handsome, delicious and wonderful smelling. Everyone should get to know an Alan as they are great.
What do you think of James Bond?
Oh, he's totally Alan.

You should see my new neighbour, he's so Alan.
by Miss Melons February 04, 2010
amazing, loving, caring, always there for you. brown hair with a sweet laugh and cute smile. smart and funny at the same time. its the best combo.
Alan is the one I want to be with for the rest of my life.
by Alan'sLove January 17, 2011
A really cute, sweet and sensitive guy, with a big heart. He can see through people's flaw's and would never hurt anybody. Charming, gorgeous, polite and funny, he will always be there for you<3
"Hey Alan"
"Hiya Hannah"
"How are you?"
"I'm alright, thanks, how are you?"
"I'm alright I suppose"
"What's wrong?"
^Always wants to help make things better<3
by spannaahh October 24, 2011
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