When a man excretes fecal matter into a female's vagina.
"What's that smell?"

"Claire's brother just gave her an Alabama Hot Pocket."
#alabama #hot #pocket #hawt #fecal matter #feces #vagina
by Dmitri B December 01, 2006
The act in which a male or female splits their partners vagina lips and proceeds to take a shat inside.

In a few cases people continue to then have sex with the newly shatted vagina lips
Gavin split Ryan's vagina lips and alabama hot pocketed it. and they both enjoyed it.
#alabama #hot #pocket #sex #gavin #ryan
by Donburey September 22, 2008
A sexual procedure in which a male and female couple partake. The first step is for the male to defecate in the female's vagina, next the couple join together in sexual intercourse. A close relative of the Cleavland Steamer.
Don't make the same mistake as your father. When you go to Montgomery don't buy $20 hookers. They have fallen victim to the Alabama Hot Pocket.
#poop #turd #cleavland steamer #poop dick #anal
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
Often confused with "moon docking" or defecating into a vagina, the "Alabama Hot Pocket" is actually a term used by necrophiles to describe a cadaver in a body bag stashed in a cardboard box in a mobile home (or the trunk of a rusty '73 camaro) which has been heated by the mid-day sun.
"I went back to the trailer on my lunch break to have a 'date' with my 'lady'. Talk about a Alabama Hot Pocket- what, with this heat wave we're havin'!"
#alabama hot pocket #necrophilia #sex #cadaver #kinky
by nurtchle November 22, 2007
What Mario R. does to Natalie A.
*** The art of seperating the vagina lips and taking a shat inside .
Man , Mario gave Natalie a nice warm Alabama Hot Pocket last night . I could hear them heating it up all last night .
#vagina #shat #natalie #lips #pocket
by S & C October 28, 2007
The act of unloading a duece into a females open vagina. Then proceeding to pack your hog into the poop-filled opening.
After a night of drinking we talked Derek into giving Shiloh an Alabama HotPocket.
#alabama hotpocket #al hotpocket #alabama hot pocket #alabama hot-pocket #hotpocket #alabamahotpocket
by LinkBNuttz October 12, 2009
Shitting in a girls vagina during sex.
I gave J-Lo an Alabama Hot Pocket last night.
#alabama #shit #sex #vagina #j-lo
by alabamahotpocket June 21, 2007
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