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The Alabama slingshot is the sexual act in which the male spins or twists his testicles clockwise into a tightly wound spring loaded flesh mechanism while recieving oral sex from a hopefully young and hot female. Upon either reaching orgasm or pulling out, he angles his hips back, and releases his spring loaded flesh trap so that it slingshots into the womans face, giving her a testicular whipping.
"Man, did you hear what Bear did to that fugly drunk bitch last night? That drunk bitch got the Alabama slingshot"
#balls #blowjob #dick #suck #teabag
by Tarbosh McNasty May 21, 2008
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When one goes to tacobell and the waiter takes your previously ordered taco and instead of handing it to you, he places the taco one his boner and alabama slingshots to you.
I went to taco and he served me alabama slingshot style.
#boner #taco #slingshot #alabama #waiter
by dizzle doozledaz January 08, 2011
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