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Having sex on the beach. Once the man begins feeling his tingles and jingles, he ejaculates on the woman's face, then continues to throw sand at her face, making it stick.
"Hey Jeff! Come here! I just gave Mary an Alabama Sand Storm. Doesn't she look cute?"
by TestesMaGee October 16, 2006
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When getting head on the beach give the girl a facial, and while her face is covered in you jiz throw sand on her face and run away as fast as you can
like oh may god i thought i was on a romantic date on the beach but i just got alabama sandstormed!
by Matt Sydney November 21, 2006
Fuck on the beach. Nut on her face. Throw a handful of sand on her face.
"yeah man i gave her an alabama sand storm saturday night"
by Shann-Wow June 26, 2009

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