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when the situation surpasses all levels of awkwardness and weird and meld into it's own new level. this usually involves being caught in some one sided incest fest or any other odd uncomfortable situation.
akweird situation 1.

your priest/Rabi/reverend/bishop walk in on you doing something you shouldn't while they're doing something they shouldn't (sexual or otherwise). that tense situation increases until something weird breaks the ice like a streaker shows up or a mime..

akweird situation 2
a relative has a "thing" for you and your significant other finds that hot. no one said it wasn't going to be gross

akweird situation 3.
your parent drags you to the shrink to talk about sex dreams they've been having involving you and a family orgy
by miss michele March 13, 2008
When something goes above or beyon just beyond weird or akward. Also a combination of the two.
Man, that show that was on last night was just so akweird!
by Karategurl254 March 06, 2008

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