ask, to ask
i wanna AKS you a question
by Tommy May 02, 2003
The nigger version of "ask".
Yo lemmee aks yo a keshten fo sho nigga or i be poppin you in dat dome of yours. Fool.
by o ReVelation o May 22, 2008
What comes out of your mouth when your tongue is so big that it presses against your teeth. A word witnessed from uneducated black people. Many black people can say the word properly which is "ask." But some cannot; this is proof that it is not genetically imbred but uttered due to lack of education or when education of the individual ceased around the first grade.
Aunt Jamaica: "I aksed im to put his toes aweeeee."
Educated black son: "You killed him auntie, you killed junior because he couldn't figure out what the fuck you were saying...Its 'toys' auntie, 'toys.' You had the little guy trying to stuff his feet under the couch and then you went and killed him...no auntie, noooooo!"
Aunt Jamaica: *smacking her educated son in the head with a frying pan* "'cose I never keel im stoop, I aksed him to do sumpin'...an eee not dooot!"
Son: "I'm outta here auntie, you are taking me back to prehistoric Africa with your jibberish!!"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
How dumbasses spell ask
aks me a question home slice.
by sirron January 23, 2008
angry korean syndrome
oh no we lost another one to the aks!
by D Li January 22, 2006
Aks WAS the correct English and original pronounciation as England had conquered most of the world enslaving the Africans, this pronounciation has therefore entered the Ebonic lexicon through osmosis (subconciousness) it is therefore genetic of black people to pronounce aks as opposed to ASK. It has nothing to do with laziness because Bob Marley a well educated man and such spoke all the words of english properly, however he had difficulty pronouncing ASK. Ebonics is just another excuse to call black people stupid when in fact their cleverer than we think, they're fooling us all.
Excerpt from buffalo soldier:

Then you wouldnt have to aks me,
Who the 'eck do I think I am.
by Sukhdeep Sond August 19, 2008
What a New Yorker says in place of "ask"
(Insert New Yawk accent here) Let me aks you somethin...
by Mike Mueller April 24, 2004

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