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hard working black man
coming from an island then making it in the United States
by sweet sugar January 14, 2004
the one who has the ability to make any thing imposible.
akil is cool
by arif February 04, 2004
akil means smart said the doctor
by akil July 28, 2003
A kind black boy, who is very good looking. He normally goes for pale skinned girls, his nice personality is often never seen. However some girls who are fortunate to get past his humourous attitude will love him outside and inside.
girl 1 : I want a boyfriend
girl 2 : I got one, his name is Akil !
girl 1 : damn you don't come across many of them, you're lucky..
by ladasaurus-rex December 02, 2012
Slang in Latin, meaning: "sex slave."
"who's that over there?"
"o, that's is just a akil."
by mcgorgous June 22, 2009
Backing out; not standing face to face; wont retaliate
Im dissappointed in you. You just pulled an Akil. / You could have so taken him if you didnt pull an akil.
by Shlongface January 13, 2009
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