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A female who loves unconditionally. When she loves she loves hard. She's very beautiful and attracts a lot of men. Akeya's tend to be very jealous when it comes to their partner and is very stubborn when things doesn't go their way. They're the ones who will stick with you through thick and thin and always be a good friend to cry on. They also have scrumptious bodies. She is a girl that will blow your mind with their intelligence and amazingly gorgeous looks. They are very rare, so when you find yourself an Akeya never let her go
“Aye dude, you gotta get yourself an Akeya.”
by butterflybxtch March 14, 2015
A really stupid and or crazy thing or animal. they are sometimes classified as dogs
That akeya just ate my cat kerplunk.
by Yumi Aburame November 14, 2007
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