Means 'Also known as'. When a person is known as another name.
Eminem is also known as 'Marshal Mathers'.
by SV August 15, 2004
alias or handle used by someone.
sean combs a-k-a pditty smoked the joint up.
by cheet0ra0zr April 13, 2003
Alpha Kappa Alpha
she pledged AKA
by guru September 29, 2003
A Brisbane Lions Footballer that can make the impossible, possible and not just in a once off in 2005 in a game against Geelong Aka kicked a goal from an angle that most would miss 99 times out of 100 and did it twice in 3 Minutes in pouring rain.

Also known for his blonde hair and dark goatie. Seen throughout the Australia winter running around in the No. 12 or Grounds including the GABBA
The is no stopping AKA today.
by Kompa March 24, 2006
Puerto Rican and Dominican slang for an AK47.
"La calle me llama,
oh boy I love da drama,
have you seen a boricua loco chasing you con un aka" - Daddy Yankee (on the What You Gon Do Latino remix)
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
the BEST paintball company their is, not only do they have fast service, they have great products.
i will be AKA ballin for LIFE, because the viking and excalibur are better than everything else!

my 03 hellfire orange streamline viking OWNS your crappy *place any kind of marker here*
by Bart July 25, 2004
pussy ass long island gang led by John D
aka is always kill alone
by shopping December 22, 2007

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