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slang for the term "acting proper" Usually said by a black girl wit attitude who chews a lot of gum and sucks on her teeth.
*sucks teeth* "y'all niggaz betta ak rite."
by Skin Whitey February 14, 2005
the act of righting a persons behavior or attitude.
that boy gonna get some ak rites if he keeps it up.
by ballre0 February 04, 2010
Everquest Dark Elf necromancer, nondiscriminatory in his sexual preferences. Penchant for verbal abuse, obscene jokes, and sexual innuendo. Often found Feigned in a corner when things go horribly wrong.
Being able to offend Akrites is like the Devil telling "Dude, that's just wrong"
by Idazen Blackzilla June 28, 2004
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