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slang for the term "acting proper" Usually said by a black girl wit attitude who chews a lot of gum and sucks on her teeth.
*sucks teeth* "y'all niggaz betta ak rite."
by Skin Whitey February 14, 2005
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Everquest Dark Elf necromancer, nondiscriminatory in his sexual preferences. Penchant for verbal abuse, obscene jokes, and sexual innuendo. Often found Feigned in a corner when things go horribly wrong.
Being able to offend Akrites is like the Devil telling "Dude, that's just wrong"
by Idazen Blackzilla June 28, 2004
3 2
the act of righting a persons behavior or attitude.
that boy gonna get some ak rites if he keeps it up.
by ballre0 February 04, 2010
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