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Fuel-chugging pickups on the road that are, 99 percent of the time, carrying nothing in those giant beds.
There goes John in his shiny Chevy pickup air hauler which has never carried anything other than John and his girlfriend.
by allseasons69 March 30, 2009
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(originally American, but thanks to globalization has spread throughout the world)individuals who purchase large pickups, SUV, and military 4 WD vehicles to haul around nothing but air, however, looking macho/rugged, chic, or ironically utilitarian when they're anything but.
Suzie Cakeeater airhauled (verb) on out of the parking lot of Swollenscrotum High School after snubbing one of the local romeos.
Vince Rubabup gets so peeved with those young southern redneck airhaulers upshipting past his home near the Christian Taliban camp.
The card-carrying members of the young Republicans airhauled on down to the Lincoln memorial to show there support for the troops in Iraq.
by Anton Avgustovich November 28, 2007
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