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To basically clear a crowded room, party or dance floor by pulling a semi-automatic. Whether you follow through with intentions or simply to make the implication that you'll use it.

This tactic maybe used if you are looking for someone in particular and a crowd blocks your way or others are to eager too to get involved. May get messy, especially if everyone else is strapped.
carLos: Man, your cousin just hit me up, he at tha spot and dat dude dat gave ur sister da handz wit all his peeplez

Terrel:A'ight homie we there, cock tha thing

CarLos: Wat we doin?

Terrel:What you think, we gonna air it out
by Tru King June 18, 2008
Usually when a girl has air in her vagain from intercourse, she might occasionally decide to air it out in order to prevent quefing.
Oooooh baby, i gota air this shit out.

air it out
by sensay March 29, 2006
this is a statement telling one of your buddies to smoke some buds with you.
Hey! Air it out, guy.
by Sir Sparks August 03, 2005
To basically fuck
I was quick to air it out when betty hopped on my dick.
by jay tek December 04, 2002