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The art of playing basketball, only with a fake ball and an overactive imagination.

Useful in mainly, but not limited to, these settings: when in front of a mirror, in prison, in a living room, when procrastibating is not an option, and telling a story with probable embelishment.

Can be played by yourself or with others(real people or friends you made up)
Tard 1: Wanna go play some hoops?

Tard 2: Naw, I don't want to get all sweaty. I'm going to work on my jumper here in the living room and play some air hoops.

(Simulates shooting a basketball)

Tard 1: Dang, you smart! I'll join you. Hmm, maybe we should work on our pick and roll also!
by Awesome Aaron from the 954 April 07, 2010
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