am not, are not, is not; have not, has not; do not, does not, did not.
"Ain't" ain't a word 'cause "ain't" ain't in the dictionary.
by Grinning Cat January 07, 2013
A word used as a short form of am not, is not, or anywhere else you have heard it.
I aint lying to you, i swear!!
by Katy.xo July 13, 2006
A word that kids used to get yelled at for saying because it wasn't a word. Though, That is a no longer a case. Ain't is in the dictionary so you can go find your 2nd grade teacher and tell her to piss off.
Ain't is a word.
by FritzTheCat420 December 18, 2012
The team that always loses to the NFC West in the playoffs. Last year, the Aints lost to the Seahawks 41-36. Now the Aints lost to the 49ers 36-32.
I predict that when the Aints enter the playoffs again, they will lose to the Cardinals and then the Rams.
by Panda0213 January 14, 2012
am not
I ain't doing nothin!
by goduke3435 January 23, 2009
Ain't - (pronoun) A slang compound word that usually is replaced by the compound word "isn't" meaning "is not". Wether is a world is debateable, but if were to be a word, this would be the most correct defination.
He isn't going to the store right now.
(this would me grammatically correct to say this)

He ain't going to the store right now.
(this isn't a correct word because usually a compound word takes out one letter on the word, ain't, if you tried to add a letter to ain't you more than likely wouldn't get anything. But ain't just seems to sound better in syntax.)
by Justin Merrill July 14, 2005
Ain't, is a slang way of saying am not.
I ain't fucking that slag.
by DaisyFreya';] February 08, 2012

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