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a xtra shady gangsta response 2 "wuttup" or "whats crakkin"
wuttup, fam?
ain't nuttin'.
by YoungCali August 25, 2003

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ain't nothing ain't nuttin nothing nuttin nuttin'
it means nothing. in cantonese "mo yea, mo yea" in mandarin "mei you, mei you"
Big Tigger: mo yea, mo yea
Jin: yea, ain't nuttin', ain't nuttin'
by mr. chinese man January 12, 2006
Nothing going on.
From N.O.R.E
by Diego August 28, 2003
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by Rerttter December 04, 2003
(adjective) worthless; useless
I ax her twice but she said I AIN'T Nuttin' and she pulled up on my Afro!
by Fangsta April 29, 2003