affirmed! here's your confirmation. when someone says aightee, it's like they closed the deal - here's how it is, we work it out, I agree, you have my word
so we'll meet up at the oodee. aightee
by AAA March 10, 2001
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Top Definition
Aightee means "alright." Aightee is the cuter way of saying "aight."
Girl 1> You better give me back my money that I lended you.
Girl 2> Aightee I'll give it to you later tonight.
by Fara April 09, 2004
The exclamation of Shogun Knights as they decapitated an enemy.

*Was also used to summon a Geisha to wash one's feet.


My feet stanks!
by spoonie g May 14, 2004

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