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adj : nonstandard usage adv 1: reinforces an assertion, as in "that's aight"
syn: all right, no-doubt,cool 2: sentence-initial expression of agreement syn: very well, fine, all right, OK 3: (informal) in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do aight"; "He did aight!"; (`aight' is a nonstandard variant of `all right') syn: okay, O.K., cool, all right
"that's aight"
by john L November 11, 2003
322 148
a hip slang word for "allllrightt!"
This hip slang word features on TEEN GURL SQUAD :P

(teen girl squad)
by fran xox August 09, 2004
3 8
1) alright
You're aight.
by Tara February 16, 2004
7 12
Word of approval for someone new to a group
Bass aint black but he loves Hot Sauce so he's aight.
by J Inn February 25, 2003
6 11
a boy/girl who is not cute but is not ugly but just aight
yo is ole boy cute, na'll he aight
by nikki December 26, 2003
4 11
A greeting,used int he ghetto.or by wanna-b project produce
aight blud
by hanz August 10, 2003
4 12
Simple, slang for alright. Usually among blacks, or someone who thinks they are.
You want to go to the show tonight? He said aight.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004
40 49
ive got one word for u...ali-g
we is here at tee FB...AIGHT!!!
by zuiq January 29, 2004
3 12