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(eye-duh) A girl that's really hot and really smart at the same time. Big exception in today's world. Sought after, and rare.
Guy: dude that girl is such an aida, she is totally out of my league.
Girl: Because you are totally an aida, you are going to get everything you want, I am SO jealous!
by xxinfinity May 31, 2005
A woman that will chew your ass...
jasons got an aida for having naked girls on his computer.
by chris1111111111 October 01, 2009
The girl's name Aida \a(i)-da\

is pronounced ah-EE-dah. It is of Arabic/Persian origin, and its meaning is "reward, present". Also possibly from Latin meaning "distinguished; helpful". More likely though a name created for the Ethiopian princess in Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aïda.

Today's meaning however means an extremely intelligent female with the perfectly endless eyes and flowing hair of a goddess. Usually considered "beautiful" or "mad sexy" by the masses, she is an all around keeper.
"You know that skirt over thur?"

"Not really, she's in my Honors Algebra 2 class though.

Because of her I don't know how in the hell to do matrices."

"Well that's cuz' she's Aida."
by Puure February 14, 2010
In correlaton of making commercials, AIDA means "Attention, Information, Desire, Action".
We have completed 3/4 of the "AIDA-rule", now we must have the "eye catcher" to get attention from the consumer.
by Seizaburo Yamada-san March 31, 2005
'Artificially Intelligent Data Anomaly'

A Self-Intelligent Piece Of Data Encoded Into 'The World',
A Fictional Online Game.

Pronounced 'Ai-Duh', Or 'Eye-Duh'.
'What Are You? A Hacker? And Epitaph? AIDA?'
by Oakmoss July 27, 2007
A brown eyed reindeer with the piercing gaze of a dragon. she has melted many a strong mans face with her beautiful smile.

She also hates coke and can't draw a house.
Look away, men, it's an AIDA!!!
by tmizzle123456789101112 May 30, 2012
The return of Palestine, the holy land. In arabic the real meaning for aida is Palestine's return.....allah who akbar
See how the jews think is there land well one day everyone in the world will see the truth and how Palestine will aida (return to what it once was.....inshallah
by ploqtgirl4e October 22, 2007

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