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Common Japanese expression, short for "ah so desu ka".

"Ah" means "ah" like in English.

"So" means "that kind of thing" or "that way".

"Desu ka" (pronounced "des-ka") means "is it"? Desu is the verb to be, and ka makes it a question.

So the meaning is "oh, that's how it is."
Kyou-wa ii tenki desu!

It's a nice day today!
by Nils Kelly March 09, 2006
American way of writing the common Japanese phrase "Aa! Sou?" which means, "Oh really?" It's often used in conversation, not to answer a question or react to something, but simply to let the other person know that you're listening. It doesn't require a response.
Correct and Incorrect responses to Ahso:

1: Kyou de sushi wo tabeta. (I ate sushi today.)
2: Aa! Sou? (Oh! Really?)
1: Hai, hontou. (Yes, it's true.)
This is wrong because Person 1 gave a response.

1: Kyou de sushi wo tabeta. (I ate sushi today.)
2: Aa! Sou? (Oh! Really?)
1: Maguro datta. Suki datta. (It was tuna. I liked it.)
This is correct because Person 1 continued without acknowledging Person 2's remark.
by Watashi Wo Koroshite Kudasai March 06, 2010
1)A word that essentially acknowedledge any kind of statement or news.
2)Also said by old asian men in cheesey kung fu movies
3) Short for "ah, it is so"
yeah, i came out of the closet and my dad shot me to death

Old asian man- Ahsooooo....

So you went to california?
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 31, 2005
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