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a person who is not only a ho....but also a fag....even if the person is neither sexually active or homosexual. This could be anyone from co-workers, friends, relatives, your own children, and of course...your mom. People who use this word usually play softball, have the BEST calfs in the world, and have secret homosexual fantasies with themselves and men from India.
Person 1-"Dude, how many sliced pies did you make today?"

Person 2-"I made 10 to begin with and then made 4 more."

Person 1-"GOD SHUT UP!'re such ahofag.."

Person 2-"umm....ok..I have no idea wtf that means..."
by MellowLaughs November 05, 2011
It's someone who is a whiny Bitch... Or someone who complains and does nothing about it and wants sympathy. also could be someone that gets put in the trash can , or someone that is T also could be used for someone that has no balls or a female that is just useless in situations.. this is AHOFAG ..
Justin ur being AHOFAG..... ,quit whining bc u sound like AHOFAG.. ,,
by themuleandbird November 05, 2011
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