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she is an amazing person to hang out with there is almost never a dual time with her. she is good at telling the truth when she wants to tell the truth, she is a beastly person. ahnna is the best person ever to hang out with and i love her.
OMG i was hang out with ahnna and she was chasing ducks and spinning in circles.
I was with ahnna and it was just amazing
by chuck norris93 June 22, 2011
14 4
an ahnna is a person who is so awesome that she frequently falls off her unicorn into a pile of glitter. She is often found with an Emily and loves the smurfs. She is smurfin' awesome. She also enjoys dinosaurs, ninja's, and Ninjasaurus Rex's. She is pretty freakin' amazing.
I love ahnna with all my heart.

Ahnna is freakin' amazing.
by NinjasaurusRexIsMe December 07, 2011
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