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n. A heterosexual female who who displays characteristics generally viewed as masculine, androgynous, or otherwise instrumental, such as being intensely muscular, aggressive, or tough-acting, wearing men's clothing, not participating in stereotypical feminine activity, etc. Compare metrosexual.

adj. Of or pertaining to agrosexuals.

abbr. agro

origin: Gk. agros, farm + Lat. sexus. Coined in contrast to metrosexual (metropolitan homosexual), i.e. metropolitan (large city) vs. agrarian (rural), since the stereotypical tough-acting female is of a rural upbringing.
She's definitely not a lesbian, but she acts so tough that she must be agrosexual.
by DRS July 10, 2005
a male who has farmed or currently farms and displays strong metrosexual tendencies.
My agrosexual friend talked about his favorite designer labels as he shoveled the manure from his chicken barn.
by thechucker August 17, 2007
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