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A derivative of the word agg. Usually refers to a person who tries too hard to be "agg". Mainly consists of small children, under the age of 14, trying to get attention among the older paintball players. Agglets usually are not "agg" though, they make the word agg look bad, and disgrace the HK army and 1Up Kids. Agglets also usually say how "agg" they are and brag to people about HK gear they have. Agglets also tend to not have good playing style which is why they bring down the word agg.
"DOOD I Got my new Flex 8 with retro straps and 3 HK Headwraps and 14 HK stickers PICS UP TOMORROW!" - "Oh my God, you are such an agglet."
by Jon Wolf February 19, 2007
A (male) paintballer questioning his sexuality but still in the closet, who tries to turn paintball into a fashion show.
That agglet has matching limited edition pants, jersey, headband, AND gloves.
by sportnotfashion May 26, 2011
A new player to paintball and who is new to tourney paintball usually young and has all their gear payed for them by their parents wich can sometimes be over 5 grand easily. This term is also usually used on real paintball forums like pbnation and even fake forums that are all agglets like techpb.
Listen here you little agglet some of us have to actually pay for our gear unlike you.
by ih8ipods January 26, 2010
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