When something looks way more fucking awesome than everything else. Used to describe somebody/something that is way too awesome for any other words.

First orginated from just going 'Arghh' and drooling, which has turned into a real word since.
Ex 1
/b/roski 1: hey guiseze, check out ma ion
/b/roski 2: Damn, that guy is AGG!!

Ex 2
/s/ister 1: Damn, check out that rasta hat!
/s/ister 2: Fuck me, that's agg!
by Hot Choc HF April 10, 2011
Agg means to look good when you play paintball. To be agg, obvious talent and skills need to be easily seen in a picture or video. Alot of "agg" paintball gear can be bought, but it doesn't mean you are automatically agg with this special type of "cool" paintball gear. Get good at paintball, and then think about "looking" good, be AGG.
Aggrozzor Noob; Look at his treetrunk sandana ! He's so agg!

Agg player; Oh god, you retard! He's not agg, he doensn't know how to hold his gun and he sucks. He's just a rich bastard trying too hard to be cool bro.
by Sheeshyall2 May 23, 2010
Supporter of the Cottage Industry. Despises stealing from global corporations and dreams one day of being on Pop Idol.
Hi, I'm aggs. Winners don't steal.
by aggs September 24, 2004
a term used when a group of boys from the south collaborate and pull eachother off until one of them succumbs to the pleasuse of erotic relief. the one who succunbs first is termed the "aggie" and gets tormented by the rest of the group for being a pussy.
boy 1: "hey boys lets have an agg sesh tonight"
boy 2: "yeah man, who do you rekon will be the aggie?"
boy 1: "i dunno, but ive got some shit lined up for him, whoever it is"
boy 2: "i hope its mouse"
everyone: "hahahahahahahahaha"
by December 11, 2010
A person who is good a paintball especially Ben and Tom

Ex. Ben and Tom are agg
by Andrew unger December 26, 2008
Agg is considered to be led by the HK army. HK was belived to start agg and all it means is your hella good and you have a very distinct style of play and u have a "pimp" style or fashion sense such as having a White or and olive collored gun and a camo sandana having blacked out lenses there ya go ya lil holigans now go be AGGtastic!
Dude that guy is so agg how does he do it?
Person no.2 IDK but ur a newb so u dont need to know
by The Agg Master-Ty April 05, 2007
A word meaning dumb and incompetent. Normally used to describe chumps who wear make-up.
Andreas and Tyler are so agg.
by Rodriguez and Juan April 19, 2008

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