N.F. representant une femelle qui cherche a se faire fourrer par n'importe quoi.
C'est une ostie d'agace!
Caliss d'agace!
Arrete de faire ton agace!
Criss d'agace pissette!
by Jérome Legault November 24, 2004
Top Definition
French word meaning tease : A girl that will deliberately make guys around her horny but will not have sex with them.
"- Chaque fois que je suis derrière elle faut qu'elle se penche! Jva exploser!!
- Ouais, stune esti d'agace"
by Nicolaï April 05, 2005
Noun originating from the french language (pronounced ahgahss), particularly used in Quebec, representing an individual teasing sexually with actually no will to get involved in sexual intercourses.
"She don't want to have sex until she's married, what an agace!"
"Stop acting the agace before I rape you!"
"You agace, stop waving your butt if you don't want people to grab it!"
by Kilgayne Z January 18, 2007

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