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A small raisin sized anal escapee which makes itself known by a signature "reverse suppository" sensation post-wipe. Usually strikes just as you are exiting the toilet. Fear that your behaviour may alert others to the presence of an Afternugget means you do not immediately return to the commode to deal with the fecal rogue, opting instead to let the laundromat worry about it. One must resist the urge for full-digit-deep-scratching that the Afternugget may inspire after rumbling around your ring piece for half an hour or so.
"John your undies are disgraceful! I hate doing your washing!!"

"Shaddup biarch, I had a Afternugget"
by Coelacanthus July 01, 2014
After taking a dump, when you are walking away from the bathroom that one little nugget that you couldnt get to come out while on the pot, decides to come out in your pants.
some dude: Damn man I just took a dump!
some other dude: Then why are you going back in the can?
original dude: Aw man I just had an afternugget
by Danimal3805 October 03, 2008
Afternoon, OR a time AFTER having listened to Brian McKnight songs (who is also known as Brian McNugget)
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow afternugget
by DannyRu January 12, 2009
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