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A hairstyle in which the hair is tied into ball-shaped masses at the top or sides of the head. Typically found on those that have hair that grows thick and somewhat frizzy (afro).
"I rock rough and stuff
With my afro puffs
Handcuffed as I bust
'Bout to tear shit up.."
(Lady Rage from Snoop Doggy Dogg's, G-Funk Intro)
by Bravo Dingo September 27, 2004
Very curly, usually afro (kinky) textured hair that is pulled into two or more ponytails. The hair, instead of hanging down like straighter and less thick textures, will "puff" out into a spherical shape. Like most styles involving mostly unaltered Afro-textured hair, the longer the length hair would be if it were straightened, the larger the corresponding puffs are.
When my daughter said that she didn't want her hair in a full afro today, I just pulled it back into a couple of afro puffs and called it a day.
by lolwords08 October 20, 2014
an afro on your pubic area that needs to be shaved off.
dude that girls f*cking underwear came down with her pants when changing and she had an afro puff!

ex #2. lizz pop. and lindsay heff.
by yourmoma8) November 19, 2007
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