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Abbreviation for "Angry Fat Jew". Commonly used to describe characters in movies where Jewish characters exhibit a resentful attitude, or to address friends in a joking manner.
He's going off about his medications again and acting like an AFJ.
by kitters88 January 03, 2010
66 6
AFJ literally meaning "April Fools Joke" can spice up the proverbial AIM or TEXT conversation in place of a JK (just kidding) or TWAJ (that was a joke). This can be used even when it isn't april
Susey: I totally like that dress Jenny, AFJ!

Max: I just killed my entire family with a knife, AFJ
by Cat Stevenson August 09, 2009
20 12
Away From 'Jeffn' (or another person whose name starts with a J.
If you know a person whose name starts with a J and you dislike this person, you can use AFJ to refer to other friends you don't want to spend time with this person.
by Mr. Abbre March 14, 2010
6 8