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Abbreviation for "Angry Fat Jew". Commonly used to describe characters in movies where Jewish characters exhibit a resentful attitude, or to address friends in a joking manner.
He's going off about his medications again and acting like an AFJ.
by kitters88 January 03, 2010
AFJ literally meaning "April Fools Joke" can spice up the proverbial AIM or TEXT conversation in place of a JK (just kidding) or TWAJ (that was a joke). This can be used even when it isn't april
Susey: I totally like that dress Jenny, AFJ!

Max: I just killed my entire family with a knife, AFJ
by Cat Stevenson August 09, 2009
Away From 'Jeffn' (or another person whose name starts with a J.
If you know a person whose name starts with a J and you dislike this person, you can use AFJ to refer to other friends you don't want to spend time with this person.
by Mr. Abbre March 14, 2010
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