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One of those douchey meatheads who regularly wears an Affliction t-shirt, True Religion jeans, and an Ed Hardy hat (apparel and brand are interchangeable) while driving a lifted Tapout truck. Also, any person who wears any article of clothing with stylized wings, snakes, or "a dragon raping a lion on a skateboard" (Bobby Bottleservice).
See that affhole? The Muscle Milk, eyebrow tweezers and spray-on tanner are for him....Next in line!
by super_hans March 01, 2010
Affluent assholes: the arrogant upper class who flock as tourists to small, hip towns and then move in and gentrify/destroy the authenticity and charm that made the towns special.
All the new restaurants in town are too high brow. There's no true dive bar where you can get a $2 beer. Yeah, the affholes have ruined the place.
by Uncle Jambo December 31, 2013
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