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short for adult friend finder
I fucked a hoe I met on AFF.
by joe February 27, 2005
Away From Facebook

it started to be used after people started being on facebook too much and not doing work. So if they mean that they are still at the computer but must close facebook to do some work, they use AFF
Chatty girl: blah blah blah blah blah! And that was soooooo exciting!!!! blah blah blah blah :D:D:D:D
Working guy: Yeah, for sure :) I am sorry but I have a lot of work and being on Facebook make me do it slow. AFF
by wolf_wolf November 22, 2011
Short for "affirmative" and use much like "yes" or "indeed". This primarily from the Battletech universe (and the Mech Warrior games) where Clanners use it. It's still used by fans, though use is dying out.
Commander> You will defeat that freebirth scum, qui nec?
Pilot> Aff, Commands, aff.
by MadCat August 30, 2006
an expression of dissapointment or supurprise,with out saying fuck. in attempt to be civil.
AFFF! Theres a cop behind you.
AFFF! I can't find my keys...
by jmb February 25, 2005
AFF - Away From Facebook.

When you are not AFK (away from keyword) but only AFF (away from facebook) so you can be doing other things online.

The times at which you are not on facebook (i.e. doing work, watching porn and playing COD).
1) "OMFG, It's 1am and im still on facebook. I have an essay to do for 9am. That's it, I'm AFF"

2) Bob: "F*ck my life, what am I even doing on facebook?"

Steve: "Get the f*ck off it then!"

Bod: "Ok :(, I'm AFF!"

3) *hmmmm I need to masturbate* "AFF!"
by FaZzBoy! December 02, 2010
After Fuck Fart
She was so great in bed, my AFF shook the room!
by fotoheart October 28, 2010
Aff is the abbreviation of Actual Factual Fact.

Aff is the term used for somethig that is undeniably true.
"I've had too much to drink. AFF"

"She's got a lovely rack. AFF"
by jwbulmer January 16, 2010