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An advocacy documentary movie. A film or video that uses documentary movie styles to present a strong point of view about an issue or topic. A typical documentary movie is strictly informational and objective. The goal of an advomentary is primarily persuasive and is not intended to be objective. An advomentary is not propaganda however, which is usually cynical and deceitful. Advomentaries are intended to be sincere interpretations of the facts.

Advomentaries are often low-budget productions that cover a social or political topic. Although the subject matter may be supporiting a social cause, these movies are intended to make a profit.

Michael Moore is considered to be the godfather of this particular moviemaking style. He proved that people are willing to pay for the privilege of being preached to.
Michael Moore's movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" is an example of an advomentary.
#advomentaries #propaganda #michael moore #documentary #movie
by George Paulos June 26, 2006
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