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1. The mass or envelope of complex policies, procedures, and human relationships surrounding an institution (especially the one surrounding a school, college or university) which is retained by the group of people who manage or direct the institution.

2. The air or climate in a specific workplace, particularly in regard to the management or administration, which makes work in progress difficult due to a lack of clarity, decisiveness, communication, action, or common sense.

3. Abbr. adm Administrative Science a unit of pressure experienced on the job equal to the pressure of that job at an ideal institution. It equals the amount of pressure that will support a spinal column in an office chair at 20 degrees Celsius under standard gravity for eight hours a day for five consecutive days. See table at measurement.

4. A dominant intellectual or emotional environment or attitude among administrators.

5. An aesthetic quality or effect, especially a distinctive and displeasing one, associated with a particular place.

Middle English administren, from Old French administrer, from Latin administr re : ad, ad- + ministr re, to manage (from minister, ministr-, servant. See minister).

New Latin atmosphaera : Greek atmos, vapor; see wet in Indo-European Roots + Latin sphaera, sphere; see sphere.
The student proposal to revise the dorm rules disappeared into the university’s adminosphere and eventually dissipated.

The adminosphere was full of distrust and infighting.

The prep school had a rather Draconian adminosphere.

I have got to find another job, the adminosphere is way to thick around here!
by Chef Stealth June 12, 2009