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a girl that is very hyper and werid. she can be bitchy at times but were chill. she is almost like a little girl as they call her.
damn that girl is so adilene
by vennie 101 March 28, 2009
A very sex girl who is very competitive and will fight for anything. She is waiting for the right one. Looking at her in action is better than sex itself.
Dannmmm have you seen Adilene she is sooo hawt.
by Oh yeah December 20, 2015
A very hyper girl that can't be under control and will get mad for no particular reason.
That girl Hang was acting adilene Friday, kicking everybody at the restaurant and stealing everybody's food, and laughing about it and got mad at you if you said something about it.
by Dio1080 March 01, 2010
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