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son of a bitch!
Hey, come here adan!
by Nancy January 23, 2004
98 129
(noun) The coolest mofo you'll ever meet in your life. Anyone named Adan is gonna be rocking. Automatically the most popular person around, if they choose you to be a friend, you'll be sitting in the lap of luxury. Sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer size of their fan clubs, an Adan is always followed by a bodyguard to make sure their royal highness isn't crushed by the masses.

Synonyms: none can compare to the glory of being and Adan.
Antonyms: anybody else
Related words: none
Misspellings: Adam
Guy1: Dude look at that Adan!
Guy2: Whoa, all the babes surrounding him! We gotta get a piece of the action.
by PlatyDuck October 10, 2011
180 73
cool guy that acts stupid around groups of friends but when its just him and you he's really cool, funny guy who thinks he is cool, when his friends think he really is.
he is such an adan
by guard 0809 March 11, 2009
150 91
The most AMAZING-EST guy ever. He was PERFECT.
He's a funny,adorable,sweet,& he has a little kids voice which is kinda squeaky but its really cute.
:/ <3
"Wow look at Adan. He's PERFECT<3"
by His ex future wife :/ May 26, 2012
36 20
A term used to describe a kid who has a sexual desire for one of his/her parents or relatives.
Guy 1: Dude, my mom is frickn' gorgeous

Guy 2: Gross, your such a Dan.
by Chad O'Brian January 23, 2007
39 22
a God-Like male. The most hottest, most amazing man you will ever meet. He's intelligent, out-going, romantic, and very truthful. Will tell you how it is no matter what. Might have a drinking problem so be aware!. He also might consider himself a wild-boy. Has a mind like no other and very hard to catch. So girls if you ever meet an ADANS do your best to keep him near.
Hi, whats your name?

Adans......what is your name?

Omg did you just say ADANS!? wait hold on.. (takes out phone to make a call) girl you do not know who i just met!!!! i met an ADANS!!!
by Aphro2110 February 03, 2010
10 4
Abbreviation for "All day, All night!"
Guy: ADED! All day, every day!
Girl: Nooo! Its AdAn! All day, All night!
by oy mari May 12, 2009
83 86
a raper that likes to fuck little kids that are 8 years younger than him/her and tries to get girls that are younger and thinks hes funny heahehaehaeha
look at that adan he doesnt stop touching that kid
by ???? November 09, 2004
330 348