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The act of giving sex and the result of sex to your woman.
When your girlfriend, wife, or other has a bad attitude or is moody. Then you need to give her some act-right juice. Then after word they have a better out look on life.
Man my girl is tripping...i need to go give her some act-right juice.
by dj rawb May 26, 2009
The act of getting right or better.
What one needs to sip on if they are slippen.
Man she better drink some of that act right juice and quit partying all night.


Man that fool keeps on going to prison -- somebody better give him some act right juice next time he gets out.
by Chula July 19, 2006
Something you say when a person is hatin' on someone or something
You gotta lay off the hateraid and start sippin' on some act-right juice!
by Missy July 28, 2003
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