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To freak out on some bitch who piss yall off to act on dat fool
some body in and cleaned out ur crib! tell me wut u gone do ACT A FOOL
by Jazmin July 06, 2003
To stop acting rationally and start acting foolishly; to go nuts.
Aw,ya just came home from doin' a bib!
Tell me whatcha gonna do?
("Act a Fool" by Ludacris)
by David E. K. November 30, 2005
Act a fool: go crazy on someone/something
Yo car just stopped on an empty tank, tell me what yo gonn do? act a fool
by Fire[P]hoenix September 28, 2006
ta be CRAZY!!! a crazy bad ass fool, trippin out lyke a mofo....ah yes, y wudnt yu wan do that?

Some punk just tripped up and made you spill your drink
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
by jea June 28, 2003
something that south niggas use,when you wanna go crazy,or have fun as much as you can....than you can say "act a fool"
also ludacris uses it on 2fast2furious sound track xD
He won the race... now he's gonna act a fool!
by x--Eddy February 14, 2009
to go crazy
u stole my car and now im gonna act a fool
by luda May 19, 2003
to do sumting crazy and our of that ordinary
u jus got hustled fo a wad of cash wat ya'll gonna do? act a fool
by urban b!tch June 19, 2003