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writing and speaking in acronyms, often personalised and familiar to a small group of people.
Marge: So Wally says to me, like, "I heard that you and Shirl talk in code?", and I go, like "Ya. That's so 'acronymatic' code to you!"

Shirl: Ha! Like, that is SO nosey. S2S (snickers to self). Did you hear from Trev already?

Marge: I SO did. D'you know he had the cheek to tell me that he so didn't want me seeing anyone else even though, it was like, HE broke it off with ME? I was like WTF? (what the fuck)

Shirl: God, some guys are such jerk offs. And, like, what did you say to that?

Marge: I told him to rack off.

Shirl: You are SHRN. (so hot right now)

Marge: Ya! And he is SGRN. (so gay right now)

Shirl: LYWM (love your work Marge)
by vicarsdaughter June 19, 2006
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