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The act or art of trying to cove-up, disguise or hide the sound of urinating with another sound or failing that trying to muffle the sound of pee hitting the water in the toilet bowl. Generally it is a method utilized when the bathroom is right next to another room where other people can hear you urinating and you want to avoid the embarrassment.

Examples of "acousta-pee" include (i) turning the bathroom ventilator on; (ii) singing; (iii) coughing: (iv) turning the water on in the sink; (v) trying to aim for a portion of the bowl with no water; (vi) talking to the people in the other room while peeing and/or (vii) if you have to pee like a racehorse and as a last resort sticking your leg in the toilet and peeing down your leg.
John, having drunk 6 beers, acousta-peed by singing and turning on the water in the sink. Don have had a 12 pack raced to the bathroom and acousta-peed by sticking his leg in the toilet and peeing down his leg, thus avoiding sounding like a racehorse through the bathroom door.
by Stevo Redfish March 14, 2013