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defined a huge dousche bag. often steels peoples girls. flexes a lot, usually adopted, LOVES ugly girls, impresses ANY girl regardless of unattractiveness, makes terrible jokes,lies a shit load, wears a bluetooth while biking in own neighborhood, trys to but cant smoke weed, uses hyperboles on self.
Dude ur being a huge acock.
I can not believe you just hit your own mother... Fucking acock

acock-Hey man you wanna comeover and check out my cars?
guy- sure how many cars do u have?
acock- a bunch man!
guy- how many?

an acock sees a plate of food
acock-- thats fucking beautiful... but not as much as insert uggo here

guy accidently bumps into an acock at a grocery store
guy- dude sorry I didnt mean to
acock- god damn it! watch where ur fucking you dick!

an acocks mom calls him and tells him to go home while the acock is at a party with uggos
mom- hey honey, you need to go home its late
acock- can i have a ride ho
mom- dont call me that and yeah you can
acock- nah fuck it bitch!!! ima run home!
mom- watch ur language! im telling ur father
acock- (rips off shirt) u gott catch me!
by solly94 May 23, 2010
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