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A banned halucinogenic beverage made from oil extracted from achewood or wormwood and originates in the southern areas of the United States. Drinking achewater causes euphoria, but is often followed by persistent, long lasting depression or melancholy. Achewood oil is considered a powerful depressant and is capable of causing permanent brain damage.

According to Chris Onstad, creator of the online comic strip "Achewood" (, achewater has allegedly inspired a fair number of Southern folk tales and songs, including "Sullivan's Bear and Dried Bird" and "I'm Following a Little Round Lord."
After several bottles of achewater, Jim was feeling just a tad bit more than mildly euphoric and proceeded to pantomime sex acts with a nearby light fixture. The next day, he shot himself in the mouth.
by Chris Onstad May 15, 2004
1 Word related to achewater
a psychodelic drink for hicks.
sammy been drinkin' dat dar achewatir agin. hims gon' t' git achewood if'n he done watch it.
by a-quid February 12, 2003

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